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Kevin Keenan

Kevin along with his wife Christine is one of the founder members of Hope and a Future. Kevin retired 10 years ago after a long career in the Health Service as a Nurse Educational Consultant. Kevin is the Manager of the Hope and a Future charity shop in Randalstown. He travels regularly to Ethiopia to oversee the various projects.

Christine Keenan

Christine is one of the founder members of Hope and a Future.  She travels to Ethiopia on a regular basis to maintain a close involvement with the children and staff who benefit from the charity.  Christine worked for over 40 years in the Health Service, first as a Nurse then as a Specialist Behaviour Therapist.  Christine has now retired and works as a volunteer in the Randalstown charity shop.

Winston Pollock

Winston is a retired Primary School Headmaster and has been involved directly in the Charity from the onset. Winston has travelled to Ethiopia on several occasions and has used his skills as an artist to encourage and develop the children in artwork and to brighten up their environment. Winston is a volunteer in the Randalstown shop.

Moore Blair
Committee Member

Moore has been an active member of the Hope and a Future Charity from its onset. He has recently retired after a long career as a financial advisor and estate agent. Moore now works part-time as the Manager of the Antrim shop and he travels regularly to Ethiopia and is involved in a practical way with the projects.

Hilda Blair
Committee Member

Hilda, along with her husband Moore, has been involved with the Charity from its onset. Hilda recently retired after many years as a Primary School Teacher. She is able to use her knowledge and skills to advise on education and resources for the schools in Ethiopia.

Yvonne Scullion
Committee Member

Yvonne became involved in the Charity years ago as a shop volunteer. She now manages the Creggan shop on the outskirts of Randalstown on a part-time basis. Yvonne has travelled to Ethiopia on several occasions and her practical hands-on approach has proved invaluable to the project.

John McCabe
Committee Member

John is a retired Mental Health Nurse and worked for many years in the Health Service. John has been involved with Hope and a Future for several years and has been to Ethiopia to see the work of the project. John works as a regular volunteer in the Randalstown shop.

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